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The UK’s most competitively priced quality lamp oil.

Lumea’s pure bright paraffin lamp oil is highly refined and burns cleanly with low odour and without sooting, ideal for use in most Oil Lamps, Lanterns & Garden Torches.

Supplied in bulk cases of varying quantity, choose the 20 litre drum and separate tap to decant oil as needed, the handy pack of 12 single litre bottles or the multi-case of four jerry cans containing 4 litres each (total of 16 litres).  

Problems with bugs and insects? Try the Lumea Citronella scented Lamp Oil to help repel insects. Please note that the Citronella Lamp oil is strictly for use outside ONLY.

With free delivery on all orders of £50.00, choose the quantity to suit your needs.

Lumea lamp oil conforms to British Standard BSS 2869C1.

In line with EU regulations, we only sell clear paraffin lamp oil as the EU banned the use of coloured paraffin lamp oil in 1998.